Nexa A Peer-to-Peer Digital Value System

Native Tokens

Nexa is bringing advanced tokens & NFTs to layer-1. Create your new token product or service with no effort and essentially no cost due to the simple and efficient design.

Native tokens are backed by the full security of miner proof-of-work making them as secure as Nexa itself.


Nexa has been designed to offer extremely advanced programmability and smart-contract flexibility. It goes far beyond what is normally found in traditional UTXO-based blockchain. Nexa has near-EVM levels of functionality allowing it to out-compete not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum.

Partial-transactions, bignums, and script templates open up endless DeFi possibilties .


Nexa is taking layer-1 scalability to the next level. No other layers are necessary, meaning fees will stay low and there will always be capacity for your transactions and contracts.

Nexa utilises the UTXO architecture to achieve massive parallelisation at the hardware-level, making one gigabyte blocks and huge capacity a reality.


The Nexa protocol uses the same battle-tested security system as Bitcoin, proof-of-work. Nexa’s developers have been building industry-leading technology for Bitcoin and other proof-of-work system for over 7 years and have many decades of combined experience.

All of Nexa’s code goes through a rigorous and open review process to make sure security always remains paramount.