Nexa News

Software Mining Bounty | 21st November 2022 | Bitcoin Unlimited
$10,000 Bounty for an Open-source GPU Mining Software Provided By B.U.
'oday, B.U. announces a bounty equivalent to US$10,000 (paid in BTC or BCH) for fully functional and fully open-source GPU mining software made free to the community.
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Roadmap | 14th November 2022 | Bitcoin Unlimited
The Nexa Roadmap
'Get the key details of Nexa's roadmap and the context that lead to it being born.
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Transactions Andrew Stone Technology | 29th September 2022 | Andrew Stone
Nexa’s Transaction Idem
'One major difference between the Nexa blockchain and the Satoshi code (BTC, BCH, Litecoin, and others) it built upon is its use of two methods to identify transactions: the Id and the Idem.
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Technical Tokens Andrew Stone | 26th August 2022 | Andrew Stone
Identity and Asset Ownership Validation via Challenge Transactions
'Since the early days of cryptocurrencies, people have wanted to sign things with their private keys that are not normal blockchain transactions. For example, the original Bitcoin wallet contained 2 commands “signmessage” and “verifymessage” that would sign arbitrary messages with bitcoin pay-to-public-key-hash address (which could also hold a balance).
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Technology Scaling | 4th August 2022 | Andrew Stone
Nexa Scalability by Architecture
'The Nexa architecture has been designed to be more scalable than other blockchains in a number of ways. This is going to be the key to reaching the capacity needed for the world.
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Transactions Technology | 21st July 2022 | Andrew Stone
Nexa’s Transparent Transactions
'Nexa has a superpower that prevents fraud...transparent transactions. Learn about how this works on Nexa and why this matters.
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Announcement | 14th July 2022 | Bitcoin Unlimited
Hello World - Nexa Is Finally Here!
'Nexa is a next-generation cryptocurrency which launched on June 21st 2022 and is a financial blockchain of programmable, packetized value. Unlike Bitcoin, which attempts to be a ‘digital gold’, or Bitcoin Cash which attempts to be ‘Digital Cash’, or Ethereum which attempts to be a ‘World Computer’, Nexa is a new blockchain which includes all the financial primitives to build the new global, web3 economy.
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