Max 21 trillion NEX

Nexa will only ever have 21 trillion NEX, and each NEX can be sub-divided into 100 parts. This will provide enough supply for the whole world’s economy even when all 8 billion of us are using it.

Bitcoin-like Supply

The mining reward is initially set to mint 10 MEX (10,000,000 NEX) roughly every 2 minutes. The mining reward will halve roughly every 4 years until it reaches 21 trillion NEX. This is the same mining schedule as Bitcoin. The decimal place has been shifted when naming "NEX" because people are better with large numbers than small fractions.

Fast Confirmations

A rapid 2 minute block time is used to make the payment flow much smoother on Nexa. This means you can build applications that give access to your goods and services much more quickly. You’ll also have much shorter wait times when sending transactions to and from exchanges.

UTXO Architecture

Nexa uses the same UTXO architecture found in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This architecture allows massive scalability due to it being ‘embarrassingly parallel’. It also means that casual users of the network do not need to run a full node to receive a high level of security thanks for SPV technology. The UTXO architecture also clearly specifies the changes that the transaction will make to the ledger. Blockchains without this property are vulnerable to certain exploits.

Fair Launch

Nexa was launched in a fair process where no coins were minted before launch and anyone could participate in the network from day one. This helps to make sure the network stays highly decentralized both technically and economically. This was one of the most powerful things about the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 and it was important to carry this over to Nexa.

Native Tokens

Nexa has advanced token functionality built directly into the protocol by default. That means creating, minting, and sending tokens is as easy as sending Nexa coins. This is achieved through the ‘Group tokenization’ technology developed by Bitcoin Unlimited, and is currently exclusive to Nexa. Tokens allow a huge ecosystem of projects to flourish directly on-chain.

High Programmability

Nexa takes transaction scripting to the next level and offers functionality that competes with EVM chains without compromising on scalability or complexity. The future is exciting when looking at all tools and services now made possible directly on-chain on layer-1 with Nexa.