Nexa has advanced token functionality built directly into the protocol by default. That means creating, minting, and sending tokens is as easy as sending Nexa coins.

Whether you want to build the next blow up NFT project or create a share token for your company, Nexa has the technology for you. Native tokens are secured with the exact same battle-tested proof-of-work scheme as Nexa coins so it is easy to create a new token project without having to worry about complex or unreliable solutions.


Nexa uses an next generation compression technology to massively increase the capacity of the network. Blocks are now transferred using minimal data to keep the network healthy and ready for business.

The X-Thin technology allows Nexa to scale man orders of magnitude larger than Bitcoin without any risk of miner centralization. There are even newer compression technologies on the horizon that will push Nexa’s layer-1 scalability even further.

Double-spend Proofs

Nexa is built to support businesses. Double-spend proofs allow businesses to offer faster payments while lowering the risks of fraud, thereby saving money and improving service.

The Nexa software supports the ability to notify other nodes, and wallets of any attempts at fraud via the ‘double-spend’ method. Wallet providers can implement this technology to provide alerts to their users to reduce the risk of losses.

Businesses that use this technology for lower value transactions can potentially offer instant payments to their customers. This is a fantastic solution for brick and mortar vendors or online businesses with time-sensitive products.